Bacchus Brewing Selkie

This lovely English “Summer” Ale comes from Bacchus Brewing a small Production/Brewpub in the suburbs of Brisbane. The beer pours a nice light copper colour with a white head. the arona is quite fruity as you often get with english yeasts, I’m thinking apricots but I could be wrong, wouldn’t be the first time.

The beer has a nice light body, with more of that fruity flavour coming through but with generous mouthfeel that just lends itself to low carbonation. It’s best served at room temperature or just below I think and coming from the growler it has a lower carbonation level which really works for this beer.

A great drop and at 3.7% it’s pretty much the perfect English lawnmower beer.


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Brisbane, Breweries & Beer (pt.1) The Pub with no beer

Its been a busy Christmas / new years period so whilst I’ve done a lot of drinking there hasn’t been a lot of posting (except on twitter through my untapped feed). Christmas saw the me out at the Croft family farm sweating in the 40+ eat and sinking Adnams Ghost Ship Pale like it was going out of fashion. the beer is cheap, comes in cans and is readily accessible… and it doesn’t taste half bad too.

Following Christmas I gave my brother a lift back home to Brisbane where we celebrated New Years and visited a bunch of breweries.

I’ll start this set of blog posts off with:

Taylors Arm and the Pub with no beer


Personally I think every beer fan, from the macro lover to the craft beer snob should at least once in their life swing by the Cosmopolitan at Taylors Arm, NSW. The Focus of Slim Dusty’s song is the birthplace of Murrays Brewing which has since moved out to Bobs Farm near Nelsons Bay.

Great old country pub, and they serve schooners of Murrays for $6. I grabbed the Punch & Judy given my love of English beers.


Around the place you find old brewery equipment placed which is wonderful to behold.


I wander around the back and it appears they’ve relocated the Talarm Church house onto the site.


Inside there’s a really nice beer can collection


And around the back it appears they may have been pouring beers.


To be continued in Brisbane, Breweries & Beer (pt.2) Bacchus Brewing

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Suns out, birds are singing, it’s time to get brewing

It’s been a while since I posted. So much has happened in the past month with ANHC & Sydney craft beer week. So many beers tasted, not a lot of notes taken though, it’s been a whirlwind of flavours. I’ll provide a bit of a summary of the past month in the near future.

Meanwhile, it’s been a busy morning at the old Crofty Chateau on the river tidying up the brewery & taproom. 9 months since I moved here and I think I’ve finally got it to the point I want it to be. With the sun out once again and 8 empty kegs it’ll be time to kickstart the brewing again soon.


For now though I’m going to have a beer, listen to some BN podcasts and enjoy the a/c in the taproom.

Garage Project’s Pernicious weed. A Seriously hooped up beast of a thing pours a light golden colour with tight white head. High hop aroma great level of bitterness and just really nicely balanced for a double IPA.

This ones a 4point beer.




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Garage Project L’il Red Rye

I’m in the mood for hops with a bit firmer a malt background this evening. The fridge dow not disappoint delivering up this gorgeous looking Red Rye Ale from Garage Project, Wellington New Zealand. You may recall the Death from Above a reviewed from these guys previously, if not check it out.

The L’il Red Rye pours a nice amber colour with a slightly off white head, nice carbonation and really fine bubbles that lace the glass quite nicely. The aroma is citrusy, earthy and behind it the sweet malt scent.

The flavour is bitter up front subsiding a touch to reveal grapefruit, a slightly harsh bitterness behind that also and rounding out with the sweet taste of caramel malts. Theres a bit of spice there in the finish that i’ll attribute to the rye. A fairly tasty beer, could use more variety in the hop flavour though I think.


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Australian Brewery The Extra Hoppy Ale

This one is about as local as you get to me. the Australian Brewery is located in a suburb called Rouse Hill, about 40-50 minutes drive from where I live. They are one of the few craft breweries in Australia that produce beer in cans and one of these, more recently has been this “Extra Hoppy Ale”.

An American Amber style beer it pours a coppery gold colour, large off-white head. The aroma is more malt than hops though which suggests they focus on earlier additions. Not getting a lot of hop aroma here so we should probably move on.

The taste is a little bit hop forward, there’s some peppery flavour up front, not sure what hops they’re using, seems to be more of the earthier hops though. not what I was was expecting, none of the citrus you normally associate with a phrase like “Extra Hoppy” but nonetheless a decent beer all the same. It’s quite easy to drink with a nice aftertaste that keeps you in the game.

Probably not for everyone, but I quite enjoyed it despite the difference to what I expected.


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