Red Duck Sabre Tooth

I did it! Wet July 31, the final day and the eve of International Beer Day. 31 days of different beers and I figured, why not grab a big one to finish off. Here it is, Sabre Tooth Imperial IPA, weighing in at 9% abv and like all their beers “Limited Release”

This thing is a hop bomb! you can smell the hops as your pour the beer. it’s a light cloudy golden colour, very strikingly white head. The aroma is a bit muddled, I’m getting candy (?), a bit of citrus but it’s all jumbled up no pine that I can distinguish, but I was definitely expecting to smell some. Definitely smelling resiny though.

The first taste is everything you’d expect, “head biting bitterness” is definitely there, resin? for sure! I taste the centennial hops, big and citrusy, grapefruit, there’s some floral in there I missed earlier. the mouthfeel is thick and resiny, reasonably high lingering bitterness and coating on the tongue and back of the throat which takes a while to clear.

Nice beer but not in the top end of IIPA’s I’ve tasted. It’s worth buying and I’m giving it 3-3.5 points.

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Sydney Craft Beer Week 2014

 At the start of the week they released the schedule for Sydney Craft Beer Week later in the year (October 18-26) which is looking to be bigger and better than last year! So I spent a whole bunch of time during the week pouring over the events and planning what is going to be a fantastic time running around Sydney, drinking good beer, meeting new people… etc… etc… 

Normally about this time of year I’d be moaning about GABF Tickets going on sale and that I would be missing out on the greatest beer fest on the planet because I can’t get there (not to mention I’m missing Beervana in less than a months time), but lets not get into the negatives…

Sydney Craft Beer Week! a week long celebration of beer that will involve me running around the city drinking, talking to people and generally just getting myself (and my liver) into trouble…. It’s going to be great! I’ve already got it all mapped out… tentatively.

This year I’ll be attending the Australian National Homebrewing Conference in Canberra from 17-18 October so I’ll be missing out on the first couple of days, but I’m planning on making up for lost time when I hit Sydney.


I’m going to try and grab my origin of beer stamps (or whatever they’re offering) pre & post some of these venues as I find myself in the area, then there’s a couple free range days at the end of the week where, I’m just going to go race around and get the left overs it’ll give me a chance to see some new venues I haven’t had a chance to visit and meet a whole bunch of people.

16 Oct – 19 Oct – In Canberra for Australian National Homebrewing Conference “BN army for Life!”

19Oct – Evening – Southern Tap Takeover - Union Hotel Newtown – Free Entry

20Oct – 7-10pm - Fight Club – City v Country - Dove & Olive Surry Hills – $34.21

21Oct – 12-12am – Bridgeport Tap Takeover - Lord Raglan Alexandria – Free Entry
21Oct – 6-8pm – Hops, Drink Awesome, Drink Fresh - The Oak Barrel – $34.50

22 Oct – 4-12am – Gypsy Brewers - Union Hotel Newtown – Free Entry
22 Oct – 6-12am - IPA Tap Takeover - Bitter Phew Darlinghurst – Free Entry

23 Oct – 24 Oct – I’m going to go Free Range running around the city attempting to collect all the Origin of Beer Stamps at each of the venues that I haven’t picked up, at least till I drop or they stop letting me in to venues.

25 Oct – 26 Oct – Sip & Savour - Carriage Works Eveleigh – $45.43 per day

I’m keeping it fairly cheap this year on the entry prices, but I’m sure it’ll cost me an arm and a leg in beers at the venues I visit, should be a great time. Interested in hearing what anyone else is planning.

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Brewdog Dead Pony Club

Day 30, and we’re on the American beers again, no wait… It’s a Scottish beer! Brewdog’s Dead Pony Club Californian Pale Ale is a highly hopped west coast style session pale ale weighing in at 3.8% abv.

The beer pours a nice golden colour, high clarity, a little cloudy with a nice white head. The aroma is a mind blowing citrus, I reckon some extreme dry/late hopping of citra has gone into this beer.

The flavour is much more of the same hops, hops & more hops… You’d be forgiven for assuming that no thought had gone into this beer and at first taste it was very much at the forefront of my mind, but the beer is not thin, in fact the opposite is true.

This beer has a reasonable level of body and mouthfeel for such a light beer. Clearly a fair amount of thought has gone into ensuring the body is just right to carry such an extraordinary level of hops in such a light beer.

Bravo good sirs, a great hoppy beer I can drink by the gallon and still manage to stand up straight. 4 points I reckon.


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Sierra Nevada Porter

Day 29. I don’t actually know why it’s taken me this long to try this beer, perhaps I’m just used to looking for hoppy beers when I think of Sierra Nevada.

It pours a dark brown but when held up to light shows a dark red hint coming through. Off white head with a chocolate/caramel nose.

Quite a nice blend of chocolate & roast in the flavour, the mouthfeel and body are very well produced without getting too heavy. A light touch if alcohol in the finish with some residual sweetness that clears off the palate reasonably quickly.

A stand up beer I would definitely pick up again & reinforces my thoughts that I shouldn’t have waited so long to try it. 3-3.5 points.


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Brouwerij Bosteels Tripel Karmeliet

Day 28, and from the same people who bring you Kwak (you know the beer with the funky glass) comes this Belgian Tripel. The beer is brewed utilising 3 grains, Wheat, Oats and Barley from a 335 year old recipe and is bottle re-fermented (assuming this refers to bottle conditioned).

It pours a beautiful golden colour, high clarity with a reasonable level of carbonation and a large white head which pours over the side of the glass. I detect some banana and citrus aromas on the nose, more aligned with a witbier than other tripels I have tasted.

The flavour is lightly fruity, some alcohol notes, a little lemon on the finish, underlying banana possibly some malt sweetness, but finishing relatively dry. a great slow drinker on a cool evening. 4 points, one of my favourite Tripels for it’s slight differences.


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