Temple Brewing Company Anytime IPA

One of my most memorable experiences is the day a mate and I dropped in at the Temple brewing whilst down in Melbourne. It was the middle of the working day and we pretty much had the run of the place. It has always remained at the forefront of my mind and when I found out that Temple was going into receivership not long after, it mad me both sad that they were in trouble but glad that I had the chance to visit when I did.

Well, that nastiness all in the past and with the troubles sorted out and Temple re-opening it’s doors in November 2013, they started pumping out quality beers again and one of those first beers was this sessionable India Pale Ale.

From the bottle: “Our Anytime IPA delivers the big hoppy aroma and flavour you’d expect from an India Pale Ale, but is low enough in alcohol that it’s drikable anytime you feel the urge. Brewed using the best American, Australian and NZ hops, this sessionable beer is reminiscent of classic IPAs, but is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted”

Well, that’s a pretty big call from the marketing side of things… let’s see how the beer goes…

The beer pours a deep golden colour, very clear, high clarity, decent level of carbonation. Nice white head, oddly there’s a higher malt aroma than I was expecting, perhaps the bottle is a bit older than it should be (no best before stamped on it unfortunately)… the hops are there though, a bit fruity, some pine in amongst the sweet/nutty(?) malt aroma.

the hops are there in the flavour, big & bold and right up front. the bitterness hitting right at the front of the palate, later softening to present citrus before finsihing off leaving some resin on the tongue. The body is fairly light and the finish is less dry than I prefer in an IPA, but you’ve got to get some body in there somehow, so it’s something i’m willing to overlook.

Dangerously quaffable and a solid 3.5 points on Untappd.


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Bridge Rd Brewers The Harvest Fresh Hop Ale

2014 edition of the fresh harvest ale and packed with a brand new hop courtesy of Hop Products Australia.

From the bottle: The Harvest has been hopped to the hilt using freshly picked hop cones straight from the nearby Rostrevor hop garden. The variety of hops are unique to the gardens research block and have never before been used commercially in a beer.

The beer pours a light golden almost straw colour. Fairly clear, some residual hop matter/yeast floaties remain in the beer. Large white head and extremely fresh aroma given the age of the beer (bottled in April).

The aroma has a heavy citrus smell, but not your normal grapefruit, this is more like lemon, or lemon zest for that matter. The hop aroma is very green and extremely fresh, but I already said that… Ok one more time, it’s really, really fresh (can’t get past that one).

The flavour up front is bitterness and more of that lemon zest, it lingers throughout the palate and remains past the finish. The malt backbone takes a backseat and carbonation is medium.

Ultimately, This beer has been designed to be all about the hop and it provides up front and across the entire experience, definitely a showcase. It will be interesting to see where this hop turns up on the future.

An easy 3.5-4 point beer.


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Black Dog Brew Co Chomp NZ Pale Ale

Chomp NZ Pale Ale is produced by three brewers out of a small brewery in Wellington, New Zealand, Black Dog Brew Co (not to be confused with Black Dog in Victoria) . Given the proximity to Beervana later this week, this seemed the perfect beer to grab out of the fridge this evening.

The beer pours a gold to amber colour, nice white tightly packed head. very clear with a high level of clarity and medium carbonation. quite a nice citrus aroma, with a background of sweet caramel malts.

Definitely a sweeter flavour than other pale ales, the bitterness is definitely on the back end of the palate, with a lingering sweetness on the finish that I’m not normally used to with Pale ales that feature a citrusy hop character. It’s almost a hybrid between the maltier English style pales and the West Coast American Pales and I’m quite enjoying the balance.

Definitely worth a look if you can get your hands on it.


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August 16-Cooper’s Brewery Original Pale Ale-dedicated to Crofty

Originally posted on coach4aday:


One thing about blogs that has been fascinating to me is the people that give your posts a like or even comment on what you have written about. In turn you follow their blog and learn something new or get educated in something you had no idea existed. Well for me with my “beer of the day” posts it has been a man named Crofy from Australia who has exposed me to some great beers that I just can’t easily access. We both have discovered drinking different beers connects us even though we are a half a world away. That connection has put me on the lookout for something Australian to drink that was not Foster’s. 

Well tonight I found it a beer called Coopers Brewery Original Pale Ale. Well unfortunately this beer didn’t live up to some of the beers Crofty has described from Australia. I will keep trying…

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6 States of Beer – NSW – Beer & Pork

03.6StatesOfBeerPassportThe concept is fairly simple here, Australia has 6 states so why not have a six event run of evenings, spread a month and a half to two or so apart, showcasing food and beer from those states. Hosted by Kirrily Waldhorn (aka. The Beer Diva), the events are held in the Garden Pavilion of The Oaks Hotel in Neutral Bay north of Sydney.

The first 3 events featured:

  • Victoria: Beers, Bites & Beats
  • Tasmania: Beer & Cheese
  • Western Australia: Beer & Chocolate

Well last night was the fourth such event on the calendar and featured Beer & Pork from NSW.

01.OaksHotelTreeNaturally, I was excited and got there half an hour early… no worries, I’ll just wander around and see what’s on tap, mainstream, slightly off mainstream and kind of craft beer present… fairly disappointing standard fare available on tap for a place hosting a craft beer event, but that’s ok… I’m not here to drink from the main bar.

I wander into the courtyard and it appears the owner has decided to spend a crapload on fairy lights for the big tree in the centre, this is good because watching these guys hang from the tree and put up lights provides me with some entertainment while I wait. I love watching other people work.

Ok, now it’s time to enter, excited I head straight into an almost empty room get my passport stamped and am advised to sit anywhere… so naturally I sit right up front so that I don’t miss a thing and am more likely to be served first.


I pick up the menu for the evening and have a quick read while I wait, Fairly quickly I’m served a bottle of The Little Brewing Company’s Kolsch, quite a tasty drop with a nice lemon finish.


Some people turn up and fairly quickly the place is full, introductions are made and I’m quite pleased to find out that the gentleman across from me is a homebrewer also, this makes me a little more comfortable to have a common interest with at least one person at the table. pretty quickly the first course is brought out and Kirrily introduces the first guest – Dan from Young Henry’s in Newtown to talk about his beer Young Henry’s Real Ale. He also drops news that they are looking to open a new venue in Western Australia soon, seems like they’re branching out a bit.


On to the 2nd course, this time its Seared Tuna with Pigs Ear Salad, accompanied by 4 pines Pale Ale. No Stranger to the Pale ale or 4 pines for that matter, the meal is the complete opposite. Normally I’m not a Tuna eater and well, the pigs ear I’d normally associate with dog food I approach the meal with a fair level of trepidation. Completely unwarranted as it’s delicious! the beer goes down pretty well too.


Ok second course over and with the main a little way away it’s time for a bit of competition, Kirrily asks 3 contestants up (2 bearded men & one beardless lady) for a beer pour challenge. Having been to the first event, I declined heading up when chosen as it was a repeat of the challenge from that event. A reasonable strong showing from the beardless one and one of the beards, however one of the guys missed the mark completely. his beer was flat and lifeless and as such he was forced to stay up front whilst the demonstration was completed. Poor bugger! (for those interested in the correct way to pour a beer refer to the demonstration here)


Ok, fun stuff over – on to the Main Course and one of my favourite brewers – Dave Padden from Riverside Brewing Company. Main menu consists of some roasted vegetables, smoked potatoes and suckling pig. accompanying this is Dave’s 44 American Amber Ale. I’m a big fan of Riverside and of amber ales in general, this one is no exception. My favourite beers from the Riverside core range would have to be the 77 IPA and the 44 Amber. Almost night and day in comparison, the 77 hoppy and dry and the Amber nice and malty.


Last but not least, is the dessert course – Pork Belly donuts and Stone & Wood‘s 2014 Stone Beer. The stone beer is brewed in a traditional way by heating up special volcanic rocks until they are glowing bright read and then throwing them into the boil kettle in order to heat the wort to boiling point and to maintain that boil. This provides a kind of earthy, smoky, sweet, burnt toast kind of flavour as the wort around the stones themselves undergoes maillard reactions which provides all kinds of differing flavours. The beer itself is akin to a porter, dark and roasty, but without the heavy body of a stout. I’m quite the fan of this year’s iteration.


The night over I head straight home to get some sleep in anticipation of work the next morning. Suffice to say I went to sleep dreaming of pigs jumping fences, not sheep.

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