HopDog BeerWorks Redhopulous

Wet July Day 25,  grab at an old favourite and the beer that turned me onto hoppy red ales, Redhopulous from HopDog BeerWorks down in Nowra. Tim has done a wonderful job getting a busies running based on a 200 litre system (recently upgraded) to produce some outstanding beers you’d expect from a much larger establishment.

The Redhopulous pours a beautiful dark amber colour with an off-white-cream coloured head, excellent carbonation and a strong nose of hops. there’s some malt in that aroma also, but it’s front forward hops, pine & citrus.

The body is quite nice, great mouthfeel and a nice on the drier side finish. the flavour is a great balance of malt and hops, some nice malt backbone with light caramel, bot not too much as to outshine the hops. The hop flavour coming through for me over and above is grapefruit, some tropical and a decent level of bitterness.

First time I tasted this it was a 4 and probably every time since… today it’s still getting a 4 – great beer! 


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Quiet Deeds Vanilla Porter

Day 24, with a week to go, I’m back on Australian beers. Red Island Brewing Co out of Port Melbourne produce beer under the Quiet Deeds Label. Their main line includes a pale, an IPA, a Kolsch and now this Vanilla Porter.

Whilst the pale was a fairly tame entry level offering, they’ve stepped up with the follow up beers & this vanilla porter is no exception.

The beer pours a dense black with coffee coloured head. The aroma is strong with chocolate malt.

Flavour is chocolate up front followed by vanilla and finishing with roast as the darker malts kick in. The flavours a fairly well defined and layer one over the other, something I love about this beer. Medium mouthfeel and the finish lingers a short while with that roasty flavour left on the palate.

Quite a nice version of the style and easily drinkable. A very pleasant 3.5 points.


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Liberty Brewing Co Halo Pilsner

Day 23 sees me grab a kiwi beer out of the fridge for the first time (edit-apparently the 2nd time)(edit again-apparently 3rd time) in Wet July. This one comes from Auckland but oddly displays the Statue of Liberty on the bottle (?), I’m sure there’s a story there.

Halo pours a cloudy straw to pale gold colour with a nice white head, high clarity, light citrusy aroma.

Body is light as you’d expect from a pilsner, the flavour is one I recognise and attribute to Nelson hops that light passion fruit. A little spice accents the beer and is quite pleasant as an accompaniment.

Great easy drinker, would go down quite well with fish on a warm summers evening. I’ll log this one at around 3.5-4 points


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Sixpoint Righteous Ale

Cans, cans, cans! I tell you what, living so far away from some of the greatest beers going round, you really learn to appreciate craft beer in a can. No other package preserves the delicate hop aromas and spice flavours as well as a can.

Enough about the packaging though (I could go on…), Wet July Day 22 and enter this beauty, Sixpoint Righteous Ale, an amber rye beer. In surprised they managed to hold back on the pun, expecting instead to see Rye-teous as so many other breweries would not have been able to help themselves, but I digress…

The Righteous Ale pours from the can an amber colour with an off-white head. The aroma contains some citrus, a little spic and a nice malt undertone.

The flavour has the hops right up front, couple with the so iciness of the rye, a little pepper in there and a nice lingering finish of with that malt backbone coming through.

As it warms in getting possibly some orange in there, light caramel (barely a hint), more spice coming through, toffee (?) possibly. It’s not till I really look for it that I’m finding the alcohol, and I really had to look hard which is fantastic at 6.3 ABV.

A great beer I would not hesitate to pick up again, and did I mention it comes in a can? 4 points easy


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Sierra Nevada Northern Hemisphere Harvest 2013 Wet Hop Ale

Day 21 and after so many recent domestic ales I figured I better change it up and grab an international one. Every year Sierra Nevada produce a Southern and Northern harvest Ale showcasing the fresh hops of the year.

The beers are “Wet” or “Fresh” hopped forgoing the normal drying process which can drive off volatile oils which provide a greener flavour. Naturally they have to rush the hops to the brewery and this Northern brew features hops rushed from Yakima hop fields to the brewery within 24 hours of being plucked from the bine.

The beer pours a gold to coppery colour, generous head threatening to overflow the IPA glass.

The aroma is fantastic a testament to the quality of SNs production as this beer is coming up to 9 or 10 months old. Pine mixed with some grassy notes, the malt backbone coming though on the nose the only hint that the beer is as old as it is.

Flavour wise it’s all still there, big piney flavours mixed with citrus, some vegetal flavours. Big mouthfeel, there’s definitely some malt in this beer, though the highlight is obviously the hops.

I love this beer, it’s always a special surprise when I see it or it’s southern sister in store and I always grab a couple of bottles. An easy 4 points.


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