Garage Project L’il Red Rye

I’m in the mood for hops with a bit firmer a malt background this evening. The fridge dow not disappoint delivering up this gorgeous looking Red Rye Ale from Garage Project, Wellington New Zealand. You may recall the Death from Above a reviewed from these guys previously, if not check it out.

The L’il Red Rye pours a nice amber colour with a slightly off white head, nice carbonation and really fine bubbles that lace the glass quite nicely. The aroma is citrusy, earthy and behind it the sweet malt scent.

The flavour is bitter up front subsiding a touch to reveal grapefruit, a slightly harsh bitterness behind that also and rounding out with the sweet taste of caramel malts. Theres a bit of spice there in the finish that i’ll attribute to the rye. A fairly tasty beer, could use more variety in the hop flavour though I think.


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Australian Brewery The Extra Hoppy Ale

This one is about as local as you get to me. the Australian Brewery is located in a suburb called Rouse Hill, about 40-50 minutes drive from where I live. They are one of the few craft breweries in Australia that produce beer in cans and one of these, more recently has been this “Extra Hoppy Ale”.

An American Amber style beer it pours a coppery gold colour, large off-white head. The aroma is more malt than hops though which suggests they focus on earlier additions. Not getting a lot of hop aroma here so we should probably move on.

The taste is a little bit hop forward, there’s some peppery flavour up front, not sure what hops they’re using, seems to be more of the earthier hops though. not what I was was expecting, none of the citrus you normally associate with a phrase like “Extra Hoppy” but nonetheless a decent beer all the same. It’s quite easy to drink with a nice aftertaste that keeps you in the game.

Probably not for everyone, but I quite enjoyed it despite the difference to what I expected.


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Feral Brewing Brewpub Series Hopfen Fahrt German IPA

Alrighty, this is a new one…. I reckon for most of us. A German IPA? The Germans don’t make pale ales, let alone IPAs, right… right? Well as it turns out, this one’s an Australian beer and from the guys that gave us the Number 1 IPA in Australia – Feral (well, it was best beer in Australia the other year so, it’s not that much of a stretch).

The beer pours a bright Golden colour, high clarity and exceptionally inviting. the Large white head delivers spicy aromas, a little grass also as expected in a lot of german hops. as it turns out this is a new world german hop delivery system, containing Polaris, Mandarina, Saphir & Herkules and given the aroma I’m extremely intrigued as to the flavour.

Wow… that’s a bit different. first up is a little spice, rounded bitterness that gets more intense towards the back end of the palate, the back end is that peppery flavour I normally attribute to heavy saaz, but is obviously translating through from these german hops. the finish is fairly sweet and lingering leaving that peppery taste on the tongue.

Not entirely sure I’m a fan… it’s definitely worth a try and I just might grab a few more myself just to be sure ;)


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Moa Royal Belgian Double IPA

I picked this one up with the White IPA (see previous post), seemed like a good idea at the time, given they were sitting there side by side…. didn’t realise it was a “Belgian” DIPA. Not necessarily being a big fan of a lot of the Belgian/American Pale hybrid’s I approach this with a reasonable level of concern that I’ve burnt some cash.

It pours a Gold/Honey colour white head that just like the White IPA takes a fair bit to get going and seems to disappear quite quickly… perhaps this is a Moa trait, anyone else experience this? The aroma suggests this beer is quite resiny, so I perk up a bit :) big hop load in the aroma.

The flavour is fairly bitter right up front which continues through the palate until the very end where you get some alcohol warmth. Starting to wish I’d poured this into a tulip glass, but it’s too late now, I’ll just have to warm it up in the IPA glass. as it warms, the bitterness subsides and lets some of the hop flavour come through, I’m getting a piney type of hop.

Nice beer, a little more boozy flavour than I’m used to tasting in DIPAs recently, but not unpleasant.


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Moa Southern Alps White IPA

Hmm… White IPA huh?

So is it a hopped wit? not really sure I pick it up anyways, I do seem to recall a White IPA featuring in some peoples posts of the SN Beer Camp series, so good enough for Sierra Nevada, I reckon it’s probably good enough for me.

The Beer pours a light golden/straw colour, tight white head, but not really much of it. I had to work to get it up there, it dies fairly quickly but leaves a nice lacing and not before I can get a decent smell of the aroma – citrusy, but more of that lemon citrus aroma. The bottle says Nelson Sauvin & Citra dry hopping, never thought of Nelson as a dry hop before… might have to look into further.

The flavour is quite upfront on the bitterness, very strong citrus up front which gives way to a slight spiciness which tickles the back of the throat. Quite a sweet finish keeps the hop flavour and spice lingering on the palate. the mouthfeel is quite silky and it keeps you coming back for more.

Great beer and quite happy I didn’t walk past it. Far better than what’s being sold as  Belgian Pale Ale, I’m extremely fond of this Belgian Wit/American IPA fusion.


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